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We are SREpath

Based out of Toronto, Canada

Ash Patel

  • Ex-operations director with 12+ years of people, process, and technology experience

  • Design thinker with a visual, UI/UX approach to solving sticky organizational problems

  • Favorite dad joke about SRE: Why did the SRE cross the road? To optimize the traffic flow and reduce incident response time on the other side!”

Sebastian Vietz

  • Director of SRE at Compass Group, a Fortune 500 company with 9+ years of SRE leadership experience

  • A strong advocate of leadership effectiveness and transparent practices in Site Reliability Engineering

  • An avid woodworker and beach volleyball player

Meet Sebastian through this podcast he did with Ashley Sawatsky of Rootly:

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Independent reliability advocate working to drive greater software reliability beyond BigTech. Previously a seasoned operations leader.